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It's A New Day

Pamela’s first CD, It's a New Day, is a combination of gospel styles - country, southern gospel and comtemporary.   It was nominated as album of the year by the International Country Gospel Music Association.  She was honored to recieve the award for ICGMA Female Horizon artist of 2011.

The album features eleven original songs that she has written over the years.  The first song on the CD, God Never Fails, was written when she was 18 years old, the day her boyfriend was killed in a car accident. The message in this song has carried her through many trials.

The prayer she prayed while writing " Give me Compassion" changed her life. It took her into a ministry that would take her out of her comfort zone and into a world of hurting people. It was nominated as top  single of 2011 by the ICGMA.

The title song -" It’s a New Day" was written for a graduation ceremony for a young man that had earned his high school diploma while he was incarcerated in TYC. He is now in medical school. 

"You’re the One" was co-written with her mother for her daughter Joda's wedding. He definitely was the one! Joda and her husband Josiah have been married 17 years and have four beautiful children.

"Moving On" was the song God gave her when she was struggling with the decision whether or not to leave her chaplain's position with the Texas Youth Commission. Transition is always scary.

"I Cry" reached the #3 spot on Nashville's  PowerSource  magazine's country gospel charts . "Where I'm At " won 2nd place in a Nashville songwriters competion. 

This is simply an overview of a few of the anointed songs on this CD. Each song has a message and story attached to it. The lyrics are  wrapped around the life she has lived.



Pamela's  second album has an eclectic blend of southern style.  The lyrics of her original songs speak of her love for people and her heart of worship.


She decided to honor the musical and ministry heritage of her family and titled her new CD, “Generational Blessing”. She features the voices of four generations on the CD. 

Her talented mother, Connie Perry, is accompanied by Pamela and her cousin Mary Fay Jackson on the old classic “What a Day that will Be”.  Pamela was raised singing hymns in the little church she was raised in.  

Her daughter, Morgan Henderson, sings backup on the album and she is featured on one of her mom's original songs -“Just how Great You Are”.  Morgan's bluesy voice and the slide guitar solo and makes this song a favorite of many.

Daughter, Melissa Morris, is featured on a country favorite, “Like My Mother Does”. Melissa may not have gotten her voice through the natural bloodline, but she definitely has vocal similarities of her adopted family!

Another eight songs have come straight from her heart.  "I Love you Back" is her husbands personal favorite. "I Enter In" is the first single to be released to radio by Canyon Creek Records.  It is already climbing up the CashBox Billboard Country Christian Chart.

The album closes with a family sing-along of  “I Saw the Light” that features granddaughters Madison and Emma Foster accompanied by their multi-talented father, Josiah Foster (husband of daughter Joda Foster). The Generational Blessing continues!

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