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An Inside Glimpse 


Pamela was born in Gainesville on St. Patrick’s Day, but she doesn’t claim to be born lucky – but blessed because she says that she’s inherited so many blessings.  Born in 1959 to young parents - Joe and Connie Perry,  (who lived an example of loving God and serving people), she gained a solid foundation in community involvement.   Pam and her 3 siblings have carried on the "Generational Blessing" of using their individual gifts to serve others.  Pam and her husband of 44 years, Garry Wiebe, presently co-pastor the Christian Gathering Church in Valley View, Texas.

Garry and Pam are the proud parents of three daughters and were privileged to serve as Cooke County CPS foster parents to many children over a 14 year span.  They were youth pastors to hundreds of youth during 10 years of hosting a community "Youth Support" in their home. Their daughters and their husbands are now raising their children with the same Christian principles that Pamela was given from her parents and grandparents. The Wiebe’s are now up to eight grandchildren!  

Pamela Wiebe is not only an award winning recording artist/singer/songwriter, but an ordained minister, pastor, speaker, writer, counselor and licensed chaplain. She has a pastoral gift - not in just helping shepherd a local church, but suicide prevention, working with ex-offenders and recovering addicts are also ongoing passions. Her 501c3 non-profit organization "Beyond Ministries, Int'l." was birthed out of this desire to be an advocate for change. 


She was employed by the Texas Youth Commission (TYC) for almost 10 years where she served as Texas’s first state employed female chaplain in the juvenile prison system. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Counseling from University of North Texas, she went on to receive a Masters from Trinity Theological Seminary.  Pamela has had articles published in national published magazines and newspapers. In 1998, she was a TYC nominee to then Gov. George W. Bush for the Outstanding Women in Texas Government award. She was sent to Washington to appear at a Congressional Hearing on “Regaining America’s Youth through Faith Based Programs”. She later spearheaded the first faith-based dorm program in a juvenile state corrections facility in the nation.  Her favorite audience to sing for was the incarcerated youth she loved and served. 

The musical gene seems to be rampant in the DNA of their family and is growing with each generation. Pamela was voted the 2011 Female Horizon Artist of the Year by the International Country Gospel Music Association. Her album, It's a New Day, was nominated as Album of the Year that same year. She has had chart topping singles listed in Christian Voice Magazine, CashBox Billboard. and Nashville's Power Source  Magazine Top 10.

Pam’s latest CD, titled Generation Blessing, features songs that represent five generations that all link back to one women's spiritual conversion.  

In 1955, her paternal Grandmother, Reba Fay Perry dedicated her life to the Lord at a little outside revival in Gainesville. She insisted that her children, that still lived at home, attend services with her. One of those was her 17 year old son, Joe Bert Perry.  He later met and married Connie Sue Jones in that little church. Connie was only fourteen on her wedding day. She was sixteen when Pamela became the first-born of their four children followed by Kelly, Johnna and Kristie. Pamela says that her mom eventually taught herself how to play the piano and she became the church pianist that accompanied her dad who was the “song-leader”.  They sang in the church together for 52 years before he passed away in 2009. The lyrics of his favorite hymn, “I’ll Fly Away” are inscribed on his headstone

Pam says that most of her singing and song writing abilities came from her mother side.  Connie Perry has written many songs and recorded several an award winning albums. After overcoming a bout of breast cancer, Connie seemed to get a second wind and took her talent outside the church walls. She is an outstanding vocalist, musician and song writer that has recorded several albums as a part of the gospel group “One A-Chord”. The trio consists of Connie, her brother Jimmy Jones and his daughter, Mary Fay Jackson. The family TV program “Texas Country Gospel” has been broadcast nationally and internationally for many years.  The Jones family has been singing and playing music for generations. Pamela's grandfather, Jack Jones and his siblings (Bob, Katie, Billy Ray, Tommy and Janie) used to sing and play live on the local KGAF radio on regular basis. sang bluegrass and country songs live on local radio KGAF.  In honor of her heritage,  Pamela proudly  joins in as she features her mom singing a classic hymn, "What a Day That Will Be" on her latest album. 

There are many current singer/songwriters amongst Pam's generation. At least 7 of them have recorded albums, including her sister Johnna Green.  The next generation of "Perry kids" is already creating a new sound. The possibilities of their future in service and singing is wide open!

As much as Pamela loves music, her greatest passion is in helping folks beyond life-restrictive hurdles.  (See Beyond Ministries page).  She believes that this is the truest form of ministry. Her latest endeavors are in the area of suicide prevention and post-vention. (see page). Even though music can play a part in soothing the broken in heart and spirit,  a physical hand-up in the middle of a crises goes along way.  Having faith, and the support of a loving family  has served as a foundation to all that her & Garry have accomplished.

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